Aeiusny Solar Portable Generator Review

Whether you’re looking for a backup power source in case of a blackout during a storm or you’re simply looking to take a little extra juice with you on your next camping trip, portable generators are certainly a worthwhile investment.

Compact and easily rechargeable inverter generators offer a fantastic level of convenience for us, everyday users, looking for something practical over something powerful. These delightfully small solutions deliver extremely intuitive interfaces, making them incredibly familiar and straightforward to use.

With such a large number of inverter generators being available, we’re here to help you with your search by reviewing one of the more popular models currently available, the Aeiusny Solar Portable Generator. By the end of this review, you should have a good understanding of what this unit has to offer and whether it is a befitting choice for you or not.

Aeiusny Solar Portable Generator

This gas-free compact generator offers a cleaner method of backup energy. Being an inverter generator, this unit doesn’t need fuel to operate; instead, it draws power directly from the DC mains which is then stored in an internal battery, and this power can then be converted and used at the users’ discretion. Alongside this, the Aeiusny also features a solar panel interface, which allows users to charge the device wherever the sun shines as long as they have an adequate solar panel.


Who is This Product For?

This generator is a great choice for those who need to run power to several small appliances if conventional power sources are unavailable. Its compact size and durable design make it a great emergency backup solution but also allow it to be used on a daily basis as it’s practical to keep stored in the trunk of your car or tucked away in a cupboard aboard your RV.

What’s Included?

With each Aeiusny Solar Portable Generator purchase, you will receive both an AC and DC charging cable, a car cigarette lighter charging cable, short circuit protection system, and of course, your standard user manual for a detailed overview of your generator.

Overview of Features

The Aeiusny Solar Portable Generator is loaded with the following:


Not only does this generator have a rated efficiency of 500W which peaks at 1000W, but this energy is also received and dispensed through its AC input of 90 to 240V, AC output of 110/120V, and DC output of 12V.


This generator makes use of a lithium-ion 12V 26Ah 288Wh battery. This can deliver runtimes of up to 96 hours for the 12V LED light, eight hours on a 13″ laptop, or 14 hours of 20W energy-saving lamps. This is why this unit is a favorite amongst campers and regular RV travelers.


Offering more than your standard power supply, the Aeiusny Solar Portable Generator also allows for up to four USB devices to be charged simultaneously. It also allows possible solar panel charging, and it even comes with a LED lamp to provide little extra light when necessary. This unit also has a digital display to show the current battery level of the unit at any given time.


This generator is made from a high-density durable polymer and measures in at 12.7″ L x 5.91″ W x 8.66″ H. Weighing in at 7.05 pounds, it is extremely light for a generator of its power capacity.


Aeiusny is also so confident in their products that they offer free repairs or replacements on any portable generators that experience non-human-made damage for up to 12 months. This lets customers rest assured that any manufacturer’s faults will be dealt with swiftly.

How to Use

The Aeiusny Solar Portable Generator has been designed in such a way that it is incredibly straightforward in terms of its operation. On the face of the generator, users are presented with just two on-and-off switches, wherein one of these switches controls the lamp while the other toggles the DC output between on and off.

Users also have four USB ports for charging purposes as well as 12V DC output ports. You’ll also notice a reasonably sized heat emission panel to help keep the unit cool alongside charging and fault LED indicators.

On the rear of the unit are the output sockets as well as the solar charging interface, the AC input interface, the AC output on-and-off, a fan for cooling, and an AC fuse compartment for quick and easy replacements.



Again, with so many inverters currently available on the market, we figured we’d help out a little further by offering some possible alternatives.

Firstly, for those looking for a truly high-end inverter that can handle significant power loads, you may want to consider the Briggs & Stratton P3000. This unit offers the ultimate emergency power supply with an impressive 3000W capacity.

Not only is it powerful but it’s also extremely quiet as it uses Briggs & Stratton Quiet Power technology, which will automatically adjust engine speed to both reduce its noise level to 58dB and save fuel. This unit also boasts parallel capabilities, allowing multiple units to be linked together to provide a more robust power supply, and as always, users will benefit from their 24-month limited consumer warranty.

For those of you who can’t spare such a hefty price tag, it may be worth taking a look at the COOLIS 200Wh Generator. This unit features a sleek design which weighs only 4.2 pounds, making it not only easy to transport in your trunk but even a backpack or duffel bag.

Its fully digital display allows for information to be displayed clearly and efficiently, and COOLIS have included an emergency LED light with SOS and strobe functionality. This unit might not be able to handle larger power requirements, but it will certainly fit in great with those looking for a reliable and convenient emergency power supply.


The Aeiusny Solar Portable Generator delivers a wide range of functionality that is often found on extremely pricey units. This small, convenient, and easy-to-handle unit packs a lot of power, making it a must-have for those finding themselves lacking a source of energy, whether it be on a camping trip or in their RV. There are similar units at more affordable prices than the Aeiusny, but you will have to be willing to compromise on either power or functionality.


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