GAS ONE Portable Camping Stove Review

The GAS ONE GS-3900 Dual fuel (Propane or Butane) 15000 BTU Gas Stove with convenient carrying case is an excellent piece of equipment for campers, backpackers and all who love the outdoors. Add to that benefits of use in emergency situations or power outages and you will see why this is such a helpful addition to your outdoor kit. 

A cooking power of 15 000 BTU makes this one of the most powerful camping stoves available. The BTU acronym stands for British Thermal Unit and it is the unit used to measure thermal (heat) energy.

GAS ONE Portable Camping Stove Usage

This powerful heat output reduces cooking time and makes it very fast. It also operates with a dual rotating flame which maximizes heat output even further. While the output is great fuel efficiency is not compromised since the dual rotating flame provides even heat distribution.

The heat dial is adjustable and gives you great control over the amount of heat required for your specific type of food that you are cooking. It is also heat resistant to prevent accidental injury when touching the dial. 

The Piezo-electric ignition makes this even more user friendly since you do not need matches or a lighter to ignite the flame. This is also an added safety benefit. 

About The Product

The GAS ONE GS-3900 is a dual fuel stove, meaning you are not restricted with one type of fuel. It can use butane or propane and operates on an 8-oz. single butane cartridge or a 16.4 propane cylinder. A propane adapter hose is included and attaches easily to the propane cylinder. Quick summary of the top features: 

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    15 000 BTU heat output
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    Piezo Electric Ignition Device
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    Dual fuel system (Propane or butane)
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    Light weight (4.22 lb.) 
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    Compact: Dimensions 12.9 x 10.9 x 4"
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    Built in Cartridge Ejection System
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    Auto Safety Shut Off Device
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    Dual spiraling flame
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    Thermal conductive plate
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    Carrying Case

The stove is lightweight (4.22 lb.) and compact with dimensions of 12.9 x 10.9 x 4" which makes it ideal for camping. It also has non-slip rubber legs which makes the unit sturdier. For travelling and storing purposes it comes with a handy plastic carrycase, which makes it even more mobile. 

The stove has a steel top plate which is durable and also has an enamel drip pan, which makes it easy to clean. The long pan support feature makes it possible to hold smaller cookware like kettles or small pots for boiling water without them tipping over.

GAS ONE Portable Camping Stove Features

The built in Pressure Sensor Cartridge Ejection system and Gas Flow Cut Off mechanism makes this stove safe to use and the added windshield makes cooking possible even in windy conditions. The heavy-duty windshield covers the four corners of the burner head and prevents the flame from being extinguished by the wind. 

The User Manual contains all the essential information regarding the product and explains all the various usages and necessary instructions for new users.   

The device is CSA Approved - US and Canadian Standards Association approved the device, so you can rest assured that this portable stove meets all the needed safety and quality requirements.  

What We Like

If you are looking for a stove for outdoor use you need to check certain lists in order for it to fulfill the required actions. Most importantly it needs to be portable and mobile which is exactly what this device is. It is lightweight and the carry case makes travelling convenient. 

The high heat output of 15 000 BTU makes cooking fast and efficient and the heat resistant temperature dial makes the flame easily controllable even in outdoor conditions. No one wants to spend hours in the “kitchen” when you are out exploring and this little device will surely not waste any unnecessary time you could have used to relax and enjoy nature.

We also like the fact that all the safety boxes are checked and that this device even though some people might fear using gas, is indeed very safe to use. There are no matches or lighters involved which minimizes the risks of burning when trying to ignite the stove. 

Another benefit is the versatility of using different types of fuel, which gives the user more choice. Propane is the better option in very cold weather since it has a much lower boiling point than butane. Butane on the other hand is cheaper than propane. 

The windshield is a big plus since outdoor cooking is very much influenced by the weather. Most users claim that this windshield is indeed very effective. 

What We Don’t Like

There is really very few negative remarks about this stove. The main one would be that the carrying case is not as sturdy as expected and that it might not survive the wear and tear of camping for a long time.

Another technical aspect is that when you use butane cylinders you can’t use large skillets since the pan are not allowed to cover the gas cylinder cover area. The cylinder can over heat and might possibly explode.

GAS ONE Portable Camping Stove


However, that being said most camp equipment are not very big since travelers try to minimize bulk and weight and thus it is not really an issue. With the propane cylinders which fit to the side of the unit the size of the cookware is not an issue since there is no cylinder inside to overheat. 

Due to the dimensions of this stove it is not ideal for backpackers but will work really well for normal camping or any other outdoor or even indoor /use.  

Buying Advice

The GAS ONE GS-3900P is excellent value for money and sells for between 60-80 USD at online stores. It is always safer to buy from reputable sellers like Amazon, since sometimes the equipment does get damaged in the transporting process and you want to have professional customer service available if you need to return any orders.

Final Thoughts

The Gas One GS-3900P Portable Gas Stove meets all the requirements of a high functioning, user friendly portable stove. It will meet your expectations and even do more. Try it on your next adventure!

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