Hennessy Hammocks Reviews

When it comes to camping, it seems that everyone wants to go and have the best products.

Of course, you want the best camping stove to ensure that you can cook your food and enjoy yourself, as well as a camping hammock that will keep you comfortable and safe.

Hammocks have been around for many years, but they have recently become highly popular with campers everywhere.

The benefit of these hammocks is that you can sleep in the trees, which means you may be less likely to get attacked by wild animals.

Our Hennessy Hammocks reviews can help you choose the best one for your particular needs.

Hennessy Hammocks Reviews

The brand has been around for over 40 years, and it has been making improvements in all that time, and here are some of its best series of hammocks:

1. Expedition Series

The Expedition Series of hammocks include the classic, zip, and jungle expedition zip.


The hammocks in this series are all made of nylon material and created for anyone who weights up to 250 pounds and is six feet tall.

There is a side entry option with two double sliders and a sturdy YKK zipper.

As a complete system, it includes a 70d high-density bottom, 30d mosquito mesh, elastic mesh hold-open feature, a rain tarp, polyester ropes, and webbing straps.

You will be impressed with the workmanship and material selection here.

You also get the asymmetrical shape, which is patented by the brand.

That means you can lie diagonally and still be very comfortable.

Plus, with the structural ridgeline included, you have the same “bed” in which to sleep each night and the perfect setup each day.

The Classic model is slightly different, though.

Its entrance is through the bottom, and it can automatically snap closed when you get inside or once your body weight is present.

As such, mosquitos can’t get inside, but you can get in quickly and enjoy some rest.

The Jungle Zip version, on the other hand, features a double-layered bottom.

It also has a heat-reflecting bubble pad to help you stay cool and comfortable while you’re inside.


  • Unique entry options depending on the model chosen
  • Variety of gear pockets
  • Lightweight; good for travel
  • Easy to set up
  • Plenty of room


  • Small rain fly
  • More suitable for people with a height of 5’7” or shorter
  • Short tree straps


2. Explorer Deluxe XL Series

The Explorer Deluxe XL product is designed with taller, heavier, or group campers’ comfort in mind.


This is a larger hammock made of durable nylon fabric.

The rainfly is also larger, as some people complained in the past.

This option is primarily suitable for people who weigh up to 300 pounds and are seven feet tall.

Many professionals in defense and law enforcement organizations use the hammocks in this series when they need to be out in the field for an extended period.

With the system, you get a 140d nylon bottom, a 70d polyester rainfly, gear loft slides, and 1800-pound tested polyester ropes.

Of course, there are also webbing straps and an elasticized hold-open, as well as a no-see-um mosquito mesh.

You will be impressed with the brand because it is legendary and uncompromising in its workmanship, design, and materials.

There have been many small improvements throughout the 40 years of manufacture, allowing you to feel extremely comfortable at the end of the day when it is time to sleep.

This product features an asymmetrical shape, which can conform to your body, so you have more comfort while you’re lying diagonally.


  • Ideal for tall and heavy individuals
  • Plenty of room
  • Washable material
  • Ease of setup
  • No pains or aches upon waking


  • Trial and error to set up and be comfortable
  • Best with insulation system (sold separately)
  • May want to change out the tie-off ropes for something better


3. Ultralite Backpacker Series

The Ultralight Backpacker option is suitable for long trails, and it can hold people weighing up to 200 pounds and up to six feet tall.


You get the side entry option with a 3YKK zipper, so it is strong enough to zip you back up when you’re inside.

There is also a hold-open mesh system, which allows you to see out of the hammock and watch the stars, making it ideal for those who may be a little claustrophobic as well.

You also get the asymmetrical shape, which helps to conform to your body precisely.

It’s designed for you to sleep on the diagonal, but you can also rest in a straight position, depending on your needs.

Of course, you don’t’ have to worry about your joints and back hurting after a long day of hiking or fishing.

The product is very comfortable, which ensures that you feel better, sleep better, and wake up feeling refreshed to do more fun things.


  • Easy to transport
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Unique bottom or side entry
  • Suitable for sitting and sleeping
  • Waterproof nylon material


  • Snakeskins preferred; sold separately
  • Lines for tying are too short
  • Takes some getting used to if you’re used to tents


4. Scout Series

Kids need a quality hammock, too, especially if they will be camping with the adults and want the same experience.

Therefore, the Scout version is designed specifically for children.


Of course, it’s a smaller hammock, but it still has all of the patented and innovative features of the larger options.

There is a classic and a zip model.

The classic allows for a bottom entrance with snap and Velcro closure so that mosquitos can’t easily get inside.

With the zip model, you have a side entrance with double sliders and a heavy-duty zipper.

Plus, the mesh could be pulled back and secured with elastic, allowing you to see the stars.

It also features a complete system for shelter, giving you webbing straps, high-quality ropes for support, and tightly woven fabrics.

You also get a no-see-um mosquito mesh, detachable rainfly, gear loft, and more.


  • Perfect for children who like camping
  • Made of durable nylon
  • Side and bottom entry options
  • Same asymmetrical design as adult versions
  • Compact for travel and carrying to the site


  • Can be hard to set up without practice
  • Small rainfly
  • Double-layer bottom optional, not included


5. Deep Jungle Series

With the Deep Jungle Series, you can be protected from bugs no matter how many there are.

This means you could go to the Congo or Borneo without fear of getting bitten by mosquitos.


This series has three-season double-bottom hammocks that are mosquito-proof.

You also have two layers of tightly woven spectra, as well as reinforced ripstop nylon.

That means you have more protection and can feel more comfortable while sleeping.

Plus, you can find the side entry, which has a #5 YKK zipper, making it durable.

There are two sizes available, including the traditional and XL version.

The regular one allows people with a height of up to six feet tall and a max weight of 250 pounds, while the XL option is suitable for seven-foot-tall people who weigh up to 300 pounds.


  • Comfortable for sleeping
  • Easy to store with other gear
  • Fits on the back of a kayak
  • Asymmetrical design; sleep on your side if you like
  • Large and spacious design


  • Not as easy to set up as imagined
  • The bottom gets cold; needs the patented insulation system (sold separately)
  • Must have trees about 10 feet apart


6. Leaf Lounger Series

The Leaf Lounger is an excellent hammock under the Hennessy name, but it works best for stay-at-home needs, such as having a backyard campout or staying in a dorm room.


This product works well for people who are 250 pounds and up to six feet tall.

If you want to nap or read while you’re on a picnic or campout, this is the product for you.

Of course, you still get the same durability as other hammocks in the brand, such as gear loft slides, polyester ropes, and a nylon bottom.

However, there is no rainfly or a cover, so it is not fully enclosed.

This means that you probably aren’t going to want to use it while you are camping in the woods.

Still, this product works well for those times where you want to relax near the house.


  • Packable and lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • High-quality construction
  • Webbing straps to protect tree bark
  • Waterproof nylon material
  • Same asymmetrical shape as others under the brand name


  • Odd light-green color
  • Not fully enclosed like others from the brand
  • More suitable for backyards and lazy days, not camping


7. Safari Deluxe XXL Series

If you’re someone who wants a huge sleeping and relaxing space, the Safari Deluxe XXL is ideal.

It’s one of the largest, roomiest, and strongest hammocks on the market.


This product includes a heavy-duty fabric on the bottom and is six times stronger than the 350-pound weight limit.

Whether you want to sleep with your partner or you are a larger person, this hammock will work well for you.

Plus, the model comes with a hex-shaped, double-wide rainfly, making it suitable for car camping, hunting, boat camping, and more.

There are three models available in the series, and each one has its benefits.

The classic version allows you to enter through the bottom, and it seals immediately with Velcro.

With the zip model, you have a side-entrance featuring heavy-duty YKK zippers with double sliders.

Of course, the Jungle Safari Zip version has a double nylon bottom for the best mosquito protection.

Those who purchase the heat-reflecting bubble pad can use the hammock in temperatures of about 40 degrees Fahrenheit without getting cold or uncomfortable.


  • Catchall bag within easy reach
  • More comfortable than sleeping in a tent on the ground
  • Rainfly included; stay dry when it rains
  • Larger than other brands for more comfort
  • High-quality workmanship


  • Must be hung evenly and adequately
  • Need trees spaced farther apart with nothing in between
  • Quite heavy; challenging to hike long distances


8. Cub Zip (for Kids)

Those with children may want their kids to have the hammock camping experience, too.

If that’s the case, the Cub Zip is one of the smallest hammocks available and designed for children up to 120 pounds and 5’4”.


This is made to look like the adult versions with side entry options and a #5 YKK zipper with two sliders.

Plus, the hammock also comes with the hold-open and elastic mesh system so that you can open up the tent and see the stars.

Just remember that this product is not a toy; it is a complete Hennessy sheltering system but in a smaller size.


  • Waterproof rainfly
  • Side or bottom entry; depending on model
  • Looks like adult versions
  • Comes with its own bug screening system


  • Not as compactable as you might imagine
  • May not be large enough for taller children
  • Need to purchase the heat-reflecting pad and snake skins separately


9. Explorer Ultralite Zip XL

People looking for a roomier option that’s still light and compact will like the Explorer Ultralight from Hennessy.


This is designed to hold people up to seven feet tall and weigh at most 250 pounds.

It has webbing straps, a polyester rainfly, polyester ropes designed to hold six times the listed weight, and more.

With the patented asymmetrical shape, you can lay on the diagonal but still feel comfortable and “straight“.


  • Fabric resists mosquitos
  • Waterproof rainfly; detachable
  • Suspension ropes stronger than listed weight limits
  • Ideal for tall and large campers
  • Variety of comfort features


  • Snake Skins recommended; not included
  • Velcro enclosure; sticks to hair at times
  • Needs trees or appropriate things to tie down the sides



With nine different products to choose from, it can be hard to decide on the right one.

Since they are all made from the same manufacturer, it’s even harder.

Still, our Hennessy Hammocks reviews are here to help you learn about each product and how they may be beneficial to you.

Therefore, we have chosen the Jungle Safari Deluxe XXL as our winner because it is the strongest, roomiest, and largest shelter system.

On the other hand, those with children will be impressed with the Scout Series hammocks by Hennessy because they hold up to 200 pounds and a child of up to 5’8”.

If you have a family that loves to go camping, these two products are sure to work for everyone in the household.

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