The Solo Titan Camping Stove Review

Whether you want to cook a meal or boil water, there is something comforting about hot food and drinks, when you are outdoors. Fire has a primal quality to it that can be mesmerizing.

Just as fire was once the source for maintaining life, the modern camping stove has a similar effect upon its users and purpose for maintaining life.

Couple Cooking On Camp Stove

When it comes to camping stoves, there are many possibilities. There can be a wide range of possible fuel sources, construction materials and designs.

Every design for a camping stove is suited to a particular purpose, however when it comes to versatility there is something to be said for wood burner stoves.

About The Product

The Titan, by Solo Stove, is a remarkably clever designed and versatile wood burner stove. A quick summary of the key features that make the Solo Stove Titan stand out from the competition:

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    Stainless steel and Nichrome wire construction
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    Free fuel
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    Efficient burn design
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    Compact space saving
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    Weight: 16.5 ounces
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    Dimensions: 5.1inches x 5.6 inches (7.9 inches when assembled)
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    Boil time: four to six minutes for 32 fluid ounces of water

Solo Stove is a United States based company, that specializes in the development of innovative camping stoves. They have designed a range of camping stoves that use wood, from twigs, sticks and tinder, to efficiently provide heat for cooking.

The Solo Stove Titan is constructed from quality stainless steel and nichrome wire. Its design allows it to efficiently burn wood, from twigs and the like, to quickly and efficiently heat water and cook food.

The Titan by Solo Stove is a lightweight 16.5 ounces and due to its use of free, readily available fuel sources, does not require gas or liquid fuel to be carried with it.

What We Like

The Titan by Solo Stove is a remarkable piece of technology. Its carefully, thought out design, has resulted in a wood burning stove with remarkable fuel efficiency. Its apparent simplicity belies the cleverness and careful design that has gone into this engineering masterpiece. True genius in design, is the ability to make something complex seem simple.

The Titan by Solo Stove does exactly, that by creating a wood burner stove for camping with a double burner system, providing for almost smokeless and extremely efficient conversion of wood (or anything burnable) to heat.

Made from quality stainless steel and Nichrome wire, the Titan is designed to last. When we live in a society that is used to the idea of throwaway items, we find it reassuring that there are still companies out there that prefer to manufacture good quality items that are made to last.

Fire In The Solo Titan Camping Stove

The absence of a required fuel source and its careful design means that it is a very lightweight 16.5 ounces, which frankly is a blessing when travelling through the outdoors.

We really like the fact that the Solo Stove Titan has no moving parts, or small parts, that could get lost or damaged. This means that you need never worry about losing a vital part to your stove. More complicated stoves, that require a liquid or gas fuel source will become useless, should such a vital part be lost.

The fact that the Solo Stove Titan does not have such parts means that it is nigh on impossible for it to be rendered useless, short of it being crushed. Given the quality, sturdy, stainless steel it is constructed from, you are going to have other things to worry about if a force impacts it with enough force to crush it.

One of the obvious benefits to the Solo Stove Titan is the often endless supply of fuel available. Pine cones, twigs, leaves or anything that will burn; as long as you are in an area where there is something to burn, you need never worry about running out of fuel again.

As with any wood burning camp stove, it will be necessary to add wood or other similar to fuel to your burner with time. We like the fact that the Titan has the ability to do this without needing to remove the pot from off the cooker. This is definitely important for convenient use.

What We Don't Like

While the Solo Stove is truly remarkable there are two things that users may not like. Firstly, being a wood burner type of stove, this will be more likely to leave a residue on your pots and pans than a liquid or gas fueled camping stove. This amount of residue will depend greatly upon the nature of the wood or twigs being burned. 

Some woods may leave little or no soot, while others may understandably leave more. While this may be a little frustrating, this will be nothing like the amount of soot that would be left by an open fire using the same fuel source. The double burner air system of the Titan, means that it burns wood far more efficiently than is normally possible.

Secondly, because the Solo Stove Titan burns wood inside, parts of it may heat up more than a gas or liquid fuel camping stove would. This will require it to cool down before being packed away, after use. This is not really all that big a problem as it will cool down quickly, and it is unlikely that you are going to want to pack it away straight after using it.

In our opinion, these minor frustrations are more than offset by the fact that you will not need to carry a fuel tank with you and that there is often an endless, free supply of fuel for this camping stove.

Buying Advice

The Solo Stove Titan is available at good, reputable online stores, such as Such reputable stores provide the comfort of knowing that there are certain guarantees available when buying online.

The Solo Titan Camping Stove


Final Thoughts

The Solo Stove Titan is a remarkable camping stove. Designed with a patented system to ensure that it burns fuel as efficiently as possible, it is able to provide often limitless cooking ability for free.

No moving or complicated parts. No being limited to the cylinders of fuel of fuel that you can carry. The Solo Stove Titan is a must have essential item for anybody wanting a camping stove. You won’t regret buying one today.

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