CHAFON Portable Generator 346WH UPS Battery Backup Power Station review

As the technological revolution continues, our need for power has grown exponentially. Lighting, laptops, tablets, phones all make our day to day world more comfortable and connected. We’ve become dependent on our accessories so much that the thought of our phone battery dying brings fevered sweats and panic attacks!

Off-grid power sources are one of the fastest growing areas of development as our need for power develops. Traditional generators are becoming smaller and more compact, while battery packs for phone charging are becoming much more sophisticated and powerful thanks to lithium-ion battery technology.

The Chafon Portable generator 346wh power station

The Chafon Portable Generator is a giant battery pack with a built-in power inverter that allows you to power a wide variety of devices, tools, and high energy products. The lithium-ion battery is super powerful and provides 110V 500W power outlet, meaning it will not only power USB devices but also regular plugged items as long as the power demand is under 500W.

The Chafon Portable generator can be charged using a regular wall AC adaptor, a 12volt cigarette adaptor up to 120W, and most importantly, a solar panel which is available as an additional extra, meaning you never run short of battery power.

Solar charging is simple and opens up the versatility and extends the performance of this power pack. Significant to this power pack is the range of versatile output sockets available with power being provided to these outlets:

3 AC outlets.

The AC outlets will power any AC appliance with a power requirement up to 500W. For example, mini fridges and ovens, low voltage kettles, a PlayStation, drones, and small guitar amps, some computers.

4 12 Volt DC ports up to 10 Amps.

The DC ports are perfect for things such as string lighting or fairy lights around the garden for a party or making your RV or campsite look cool and inviting.

4 USB sockets

For everyday devices such as phones, tablets, and mini fans.

The array of outlets ensures you have connectivity to pretty much any device. This is particularly essential when camping or when in an emergency situation.

The Chafon portable generator works with sine wave power output which is optimal for electronic products such as computers and tablets and also features surge protection to ensure the safety of electronic devices.

The unit also features an LED flashlight which is a convenient inclusion for emergency situations.

Amazingly for such a compact power pack, the Chafon Portable Generator packs enough power to double as a car emergency jumpstart pack. Yes, there is actually enough power in this pack to jumpstart your car in an emergency if you are caught with a flat car battery. The cable for this is included in the set.

This power pack weighs in at just 7.2 lbs. which is exceptionally light given its power output. With dimensions of 11” x 4.4” x 5.4” this unit is pretty compact and has a handy carry handle on the top for ease of use and portability. For comparison, the Yeti 150 has only half the power and weighs almost double at 12 lbs.


Lightweight & Portable

At only 7.2 lbs. and 11” x 4.4” x 5.4” this unit is one of the most compact on the market, if a little heavy for its size. The handy carry handle makes it easy to use and a perfect partner for power on the go when camping, fishing, boating, or working.


Lithium-ion battery technology ensures this unit is super powerful with 346 UPS (uninterrupted power supply) and the ability to power 110V 500W AC appliances.

Good range of output sockets

3 AC outlets

4 12Volt DC ports up to 10 amps

4 USB sockets

This is one of the most versatile power packs on the market and will ensure most of your devices can be powered or charged.

Solar power charging

The ability to charge this pack using solar power brings the versatility of this power pack to another level and extends the time of power support indefinitely.

Sine wave & surge protection

This ensures that the power produced by this power pack is optimal for electronic equipment and safe for your expensive devices.

Car jumpstart

Never get caught short after leaving your lights on!


Heavy for size

At 7.2 lbs. this power pack is not very portable.

What's included?

Included in this kit is the Chafon Portable generator, AC charging cable, 12 Volt charging cable, the DC cable, an MC4 Solar connector cable, the car jumpstart cable and an 18-month warranty.

Who is this suitable for?

The Chafon Portable generator 346WH power station is ideal for any outdoor enthusiast that needs the power to support their activities throughout the day or days away from home. It is an essential pack for camping, fishing, and hunting. There is a great range of outputs, so it would suit families that wish to venture off the grid in an RV or extended camping trips. The solar charging power also makes it perfect for extended durations, or heavy usage. It’s ideal for filmmakers and, amateur photographers when constant power is essential.


If you are looking for an alternative power source at a budget price bracket to the Chafon Portable power unit, it would also be worth looking at the Startostar Portable Generator Power Station. This is a 178WH 48000mAh lithium battery pack that also has AC, DC, and USB power outputs. As with everything in life you tend to pay for what you get and while this is a good power pack it only has a maximum of 250 Watt peak AC power which will restrict the appliances it will support. This unit has a limited number of outputs with 1 AC, 3 DC and 2 USB ports, so again if you don’t require multiple outlets, this will suffice. Also, this is solar chargeable and is an excellent pack for the price.


The Chafon Portable generator 346WH power station is fantastic value for money and gives a high level of performance.

It is lightweight and powerful, and the high AC output and the high number of output sockets are great. The solar power charging means you will never be caught without a reserve power source and the inclusion of the emergency car start functionality and jump leads tops off a significant bit of kit.

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