Quietest Generator For RV Camping

RV camping is a fantastic way to leave all your worries behind and set off into the great outdoors. For many people, this is an adventure, an escape from all the stresses day-to-day life brings. For the most part, people may like to be disconnected for a while, but with the modern age forcing us to be connected more and more, it is obvious you will probably require some power on your journey.

Sometimes going camping doesn’t require you to be completely cut off from the world, and perhaps a little home comfort like power could improve the overall experience. This is where generators come in handy, as they will provide your electricity, chance to cook better meals, allow you to make coffee, and charge cellphones when required (especially useful in emergencies).

The problem with generators is that they were not necessarily built to be the quietest, and are often used more as temporary power use in places like construction sites, farms, large events and even football stadiums. More and more campers, however, are starting to use them on campsites and even when RV camping.

If this sounds like you, then luckily we have sourced a couple of the quietest generators for RV camping currently on the market, so sit back, relax, and take a look at this article so you can make a better decision before you hit the road again.

Benefits of investing in a quiet generator for RV and Camping

For those of you who have never owned a generator before, these machines certainly perform well, but they are rather noisy. This is due to the exhaust running as it provides the power, which vibrates and makes a humming sound – not something you really want on a camping trip.

Therefore, having a quiet generator will allow you and your travel buddies to sleep in peace, without any annoying background noise, which is definitely frustrating if you are trying to enjoy the nature around you. As well as this, you do not want to travel such a distance to get to your camping spot, only to be warned off for being too noisy. This would only ruin a camping trip and is something that can easily be avoided in advance.

Home comforts on the road

For those individuals that absolutely love camping but find it difficult to ‘rough it’, having a generator can greatly improve the entire camping experience. It can allow you to have just a few of your basic home comforts such as a warm cup of coffee in the morning, or evening, and a nice meal that doesn’t consist of sausages or marshmallows.

Further than the food side of things, having a generator will also allow you to be able to power some air con in the tent when required, which can quickly make an uncomfortable camping experience an enjoyable one, especially in warmer climates.


Probably one of the best benefits of owning a quiet generator, is for use during an emergency situation. Sometimes people avoid camping altogether through fear of an accident happening and being too cut off from anywhere to call for help. A generator will allow you to keep your travel buddies warm and fed while waiting for any help to come. They also allow you to charge your cellphones so that calls can be made quicker, considering you are in an area with service.

Therefore, a generator can be pretty invaluable to your camping experience and is something you should definitely consider if you are a first-time buyer.

Next, we will look at a few of the quietest generators for RV camping on the market.

Honda EU22i 2.2kw Portable Quiet Inverter Generator

Honda’s generator is known as being the “world’s best-selling leisure generator”, and for that reason alone their newest model is first on our list. Honda is a reputable brand, and they sure know what they were doing with this product.

It features:

  • Super quiet operation – the generator includes an advanced muffler system and sound proof-casing which greatly reduces operational noise
  • Reduced emissions – the EU22i is an extremely clean generator, one of the first in its class to meet the Euro5 Emissions test, which ensures exhaust gasses are at a minimum
  • Eco-throttle technology – featuring an engine which automatically adjusts its speed to match the load for increased efficiency – saving fuel and extending the engine life reducing noise levels!

One of the key features of the EU22i is that it can also be operated using LPG gas rather than petrol, which is a lot cheaper and a fuel which lasts longer too!

Hyundai HY2000Si Digital Inverter Suitcase Generator

The next generator on our list is by Hyundai and is perfect for RV camping. It is specifically designed for leisure use, making it ideal for both new and experienced campers, motorhome campers and also caravan enthusiasts.

It features:

  • Lightweight design – weighing just 50 lbs. makes this compact model very portable and suitable for easy transport
  • ECO mode – increasing fuel efficiency and strongly decreasing the sound, while increasing the lifespan of the unit
  • Pure sine wave technology – enabling safe use of electronic equipment including, lighting, laptops and cell phone chargers

The Hyundai model also comes with a caravan adapter, allowing easy use in your RV or caravan.

Briggs & Stratton 3061 P22OO PowerSmart Series Inverter Generator

The final generator on our list is the portable generator by Briggs & Stratton.

It features:

  • Silent, efficient power – self-adjusting engine speed, reducing noise, fuel consumption and emissions
  • PowerSmart technology – computer-controlled technology adjusts engine speed based on power use, allowing it to run quieter
  • Multiple outlets – includes 2 household sockets, a charging outlet and USB port

The best feature about this generator is its standard 59 dba operation, meaning you won’t need to worry about it being too loud! Hopefully, this article has given you some reasons as to why a quieter generator is beneficial, as well as some examples that you can take advantage of!

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