SereneLife Portable 155 Wh Generator Review

There are many reasons why you might decide to invest in a portable power generator. We’re not talking the kind that can power your home after a storm has hurtled through the neighborhood and taken out all the electricity. You’ll need something much bigger, more powerful and more expensive to back up your major household electricals.

However, for anyone who loves their outdoor recreational activities and is a frequent camper, hiker, hunter or just loves tailgating and trips to the beach with family and friends, then a portable source of power has to be an essential accessory.

We’re taking a look today at the SereneLife portable 155 Wh generator and weighing its relative merits and suitability for that next family camping or RV trip.

SereneLife Portable 155 Wh Generator

If you are looking for a portable and compact external backup source of power, this 155Wh unit from SereneLife has plenty of recommendable features. Not only does it work with smartphones, general smaller sized household appliances, laptops, and tablets but you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. That means so no arguing from the kids when one wants to charge their iPhone and the other their iPad on that weekend camping adventure that’s turned into a wet and wild indoors tent experience.

It can be recharged in three different ways which make it totally suitable for all types of location setups and travel scenarios. If you have access to a wall socket you are good but alternatively, the battery can also be charged via your vehicle's cigarette lighter adapter plus there’s also the separate option to use solar power. While we are on the subject of the battery, the unit features a convenient LED battery level indicator so you know how much charge you currently have left and it takes around 8-hours to complete a battery charge. The lifecycle of the SereneLife generator itself should be over 500 full charges.

We love the fact that this is so simple and easy to use with its basic plug-in operation and this makes it a convenient and practical choice for those of you who love to travel, and it’s great for the outdoors to support trips to the beach, camping, hiking and fishing trips for examples. It’s also been designed with a traveler’s needs in mind and measures in at 7.67” x 3.54” x 6.73” inches. It can also operate in most general weather conditions and withstand temperatures from 14°-104° Fahrenheit. So no good if you are headed to the Antarctic or the Sahara on an adventure but pretty much should be adequate for all other scenarios.

Overall we would say that this is an excellent short-term option, particularly for those who love to get away at the weekend. It's great for powering all your appliances and gadgets while you’re outdoors. What's more, with those three onboard USB device charging ports, you’re also going to minimize unwanted sibling arguments too and who’s turn it is next to get their tablet charged.

Key features

Comes with AC, USB and DC outputs

This is a super powerful generator with an assortment of outputs that should serve all requirements enabling you to recharge pretty much all your devices including gadgets like your phone, a tablet, laptop, digital camera as well as common smaller household appliances.

Three distinct charging modes

You can opt to connect to a solar panel (sold separately and not included with your purchase) a wall outlet or even your car. Conveniently the car charger is included.

Upgraded power supply

Incredibly powerful capacity makes this the perfect and smart choice for your home emergency backup requirements or those camping trips.

Advanced safety features fitted as standard

Guaranteed by the manufacturer as safe to use with voltage control and short circuit protector built in.

Additional impressive features

Includes an LED flashlight perfect for power outages and a handy battery level indicator so you need never be caught without power, no matter where you might be.

Full one-year warranty included with your purchase


  • Powerful generator with multiple outputs
  • 3 x 12V DC Ports
  • 3 x 5V USB Ports
  • 3 x Charging modes; solar, wall, car
  • Buy with confidence quality assurance
  • Perfect home or away emergency portable power supply
  • Gas free guaranteed


  • Struggles to power larger domestic appliances like microwaves
  • The unit makes a distracting noise when used in AC mode

Who is This Product For?

This is a great product for families who love their outdoor activities, adventures or weekends away. It makes the ideal, portable yet powerful power pack supply for camping, hunting, and fishing trips or just for days away at the beach or tailgating.

Included in This Kit

Included with your purchase of this Portable Rechargeable Power Generator from SereneLife you are getting the portable power generator itself with its super impressive 42,000 mAh capacity, a handy home wall power adapter, that car/cigarette lighter power cable as well as a further vehicle cigarette lighter attachment. The only thing not included is the solar panel charger which can be purchased separately.

Alternative Product

If you are regularly on the go and need a mini portable power generator that’s powerful to charge a wide range of small home appliances including a mini fridge for example, then take a look at the Suaoki Power Station. It has all the same great features and benefits as the SereneLife and is in the same price bracket too. However, it features the option to charge not three but four USB devices simultaneously so would suit a family with at least two kids. It also features their Quick Charge technology.


Easy to pack and transport and can be run off your car, we love the fact that you can charge multiple devices simultaneously with your SereneLife portable power pack. We also think that the built-in flashlight is a really neat additional feature. So no more fumbling about the campfire trying to locate that smartphone so that you can entertain the family with your specially curated playlist. It’s a reliable, robust and clean source of backup power and definitely worth considering if you love regular weekends away and outdoors recreational activities.

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